#2020 Therapeutic Surprise Bath Bomb

#2020 Therapeutic Surprise Bath Bomb

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You will receive one surprise bath bomb scented in our #2020 scent, which is a mixture of orange, peppermint and eucalyptus. A very stress relieving soothing scent. Drop into water and breath in the essential oils and soothe your mind. Watch as the black bath bomb dances across the water and as it fizzes away a beautiful green surprise will come fizzing out (even though times are dark, we are going to come out of this... colorful). Also a capsule revealing your healing crystals. Crystals are enclosed in a capsule, please keep crystals in capsules until after bath time, some crystals don’t react well to water.

Made with coconut oil.


Crystals embedded inside:
- crazy lace agate : happiness crystal promotes uplifting energy
- prehnite: healing, calms the environment, promotes peace and protection
- snowflake obsidian: known as a grounding protection crystal, helps release negative energies and become center with yourself
- unakite jasper : healing crystal for the mind and heart, promotes love and kindness, balances your emotional body
- turitella agate : earth crystal, promotes protection and strength, brings wisdom and healing
- aventurine : helps with balancing blood pressure and kick starts your metabolism, has anti inflammatory effects
- apache tears : grounding stone, promotes strengthen and also known to bring comfort during grieving
- carnelian : stabilizing stone, restores motivation and promotes creativity and better life choices, helps with promoting trust in yourself and your ideas.
- blue lace agate : soothing and nurturing crystal, promotes calmness and peace, emotional healing crystal
- rainbow hematite : calms the mind and promotes deep inner peace, assist with mental functions, memory and concentration
- rose quartz : restores trust and harmony, purifies and opens the heart to deeper inner healing and brings peace
- aquamarine : crystal of courage, reduces stress and quiets the mind, gives support for those feeling overwhelmed
- moonstone : promotes new beginnings, inner growth and strength, soothes stress and helps calms emotions
- sodalite : encourages rational thoughts, balanced emotions and calms individuals that suffer from panic attacks, promotes self acceptance and trust